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Med Mok

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Hello there and welcome! I’m so happy to have you here. My name is Med Mok, a guy who loves to share with people, being close to nature, make some physical and mental exercises, relaxing and achieve his goal!  And because I found that all these benefits above are the full passion of the golf world. And of course, as Tom Landry said, “Today, you have 100% of your life left.” my eternal golf love discovered and pulled me to explore it. I also get to meet people who share the same passion. 

As John C. Maxwell asserts, ”Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you!”. I took myself to dive deeply into this game to get the greatest experience. This experience allows me to be able to help all golfers keep learning and take them to the right choices and decisions through Golffist.com.

My Mission on this site is to help golfers make the right choices and take them from the first fist to the fist of success.

With this big interest from the fans and the practitioners in the world of golf, it’s more important now than ever that we can get the right advice and guide without all the nonsense. There are lots of people who would favor making a quick buck at the expense of providing false information. That’s why this site was created to make sure golfers are given the information they need to make informed and research-backed decisions. and this is manifested itself in our goal and our passion shared with you.

How we Create Content?

All the content has been planned and edited by me to ensure we meet the highest quality standards. I do tend to use freelance writers to help me putting articles together but nothing is put online without my authorization, the chief editor. This is to ensure all information we publish is accurate and you can trust it to make your game and purchase decisions.

It’s hard to get our hands on all the equipment mentioned in the blog so we also rely on extensive online research as well as on extensive online feedback from real customers of this equipment.

On the whole, I want this site to be a place you can trust and that is not rigged by brand sponsorship so you can use our information to make the best decisions for yourself when it comes to planning your game.

is all this relevant and successful?

One more thing of my deal with the golf sport is to check that my activities compatible with the etiquette and rules of golf. In order to play outside all risks around the game and the body, and encourage people to love this sport, there are two things we focus on :

Be a pro-golfer :

to enjoy and improve their game, golfers need to avoid many risks by executing the fundamentals and instructions of golf properly, but before that, golfers should do their workout and exercises with moderate intensity to realise potential body benefits and minimize body issues related to golf such as elbow, back, and muscles.

Add unforgettable value :

by studying the history of the golf industry and its future, we found that the number of fans and people who played on a golf course for the first time increase year after year. by raising that, we work daily to take our readers to the eternal golf love and to participate with us in adding value to this game by offering them the best items and guides we recommend.

By following these two principles, I hope to help golfers to achieve their goals and improve their capacities to be pros-golfers.

why should you read Golffist?

I would say the main motive you would want to ensure it out is because you want to dramatically improve your golf experience in a responsible way. 

If you are harmonious with the following statements, you will enjoy the content you find on this site :

  • You want a homey relaxing feeling when you focus on holes, tours, and goals. 
  • You want to feel satisfied enough to focus on moments and people you are sharing them with over the technicalities of playing golf.
  • You want equipment advice based on extensive online research and customer experience and not commercial sales pages.
  • You want to discover and explore the items that help to switch your strategy of playing to be more expertly and comfortable and gets you to the top levels.
  • You are mindful of the golf importance and want to give your children, family, and friends a chance at having the same experiences you are having by improving your game and your health as a pro-golfer.

If you are in the same line with this, I look forward to having you read our guides and tests. You can start planning your game by clicking here.

med Mok

Founder and Editor at Golffist